Little Paradise Records Happy to announce the addition of Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya’ Mama Big Band to the bill at Once Upon a Time in The West Festival 2014 (18th-19th July)


A new festival in the South West, at a secret location 1/2 Hr from Bath, curated by the crew that brought you the likes of Glastonbury, Bearded Theory and others.

Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya’ Mama Big Band join Little Paradise Artists Poor Old Dogs and Howlin’ Lord at Once Upon a Time in The West Festival

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BoomTown Fair 2014

Little Paradise Records are pleased to announce three of their artists;  Howlin’ Lord, Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya Mama Big Band, and Poor Old Dogs have now all been confirmed for BoomTown Fair 2014 (7th-10th August).

With both Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya Mama Big Band and Howlin’ Lord confirmed in the all New Wild West District and Poor Old Dogs playing the Whistlers Green District, Boomtown Fair 2014 will be rockin’, rollin’ and stompin’ to the Little Paradise beat! See you all down at the front.

This comes hard on the heels of the confirmation of all three bands at both Holifair and FunnyAsFolk, which makes for a busy summer already with more announcements to come, stay tuned people.

Little Paradise HQ

Catch us at:

Bearded Theory (PODs & SYMBB)

FunnyAsFolk, Holifair & BoomTown Fair (PODs, SYMBB & HL)

OUTWest (PODs & HL)

Something Else In The Dean & THC Beltane Bash (PODs)

Glasnost (SYMBB)

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New Howlin’ Lord T’s coming soon

New Howlin’ Lord T shirts coming soon!! £9 a piece including a download of their GOLD FURY album.. expected ship date 23rd March.. Numbers are strictly limited on these so order yours now before they all go! Ye Olde Merch Store

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Pre order your copy of ‘The Meteors Are Coming’ by The Bad Joke That Ended Well

Our second release is almost here.. ‘The Meteors Are Coming’ is the debut album from The Bad Joke That Ended Well, due for release on September 10th. But why wait? Pre order you copy now from our shop and receive 4 extra tracks to download instantly, upon release the rest of the album will be delivered either by post for CD copies or your email inbox for Digital copies..

The Bad Joke That Ended Well, where country and space rock collide!

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Mark from Howlin’ Lord at St Werburgh’s May Day Celebration

Mark from Howlin’ Lord kicks off his solo tour with a daytime show at St Werburghs City Farm May Day Celebration, through a battery powered PA, drinking stinging nettle beer and pissing on hay bales.. Needless to say he was right at home.

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We’re in a rush right now. We can’t think of any mildly amusing anecdotes to fill in the first half of this feature to gently lead you into an explanation as to why in particular we’re digging today’s featured track. We also haven’t eaten much today, nor have we drank the bazillion gallons of water that you’re supposed to in an average day. Don’t care, we gotta bust a move. Got shit to do.

Howlin’ Lord are a band from Bristol, which we have visited once for a relative’s stag do last year. They write, record and perform bluegrass-sentric folk tunes that cruise effortlessly over a seamlessly-flowing vocal melody, coupled with some solid rhythm action. For context, just picture Johnny Cash and The Eagles in the front seat; Tom Williams and The Boat and Frank Turner in the back seat.

Having been garnished in UK industry interest in particular over the last few months following several releases, 2011 is set to be “the one” for this trio, with appearances at several UK festivals, including Glastonbury, confirmed, locked down, sorted, done and dusted.

The big question is, following these appearances and stepping into the limelight – which seat will they take?

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‘GOLD FURY’ on iTunes & Amazon

Howdy folks…

Howlin’ Lord’s album is now available from iTunes, Amazon as well as most major online retailers..

However the best place to get yours is from the shop section on this site, putting your orders in here directs most of the money back to the bands, bypassing the fat cats who would otherwise cream off our meagre profits. Which is after all what we’re here for, to support and sustain artists we like so they can continue making the music we love.

Peace out


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Gold Fury Review by Whisperinandhollerin

Label: ‘LITTLE PARADISE’ -  Genre: ‘Alt/Country’ –  Release Date: ‘April 2011′- Catalogue No: ‘LPR001′
Our Rating: 

It is said that in order for music not to become stagnant and die, it must reinvent itself so as to progress, and here we have a major reinvention.
HOWLIN’ LORD come from Bristol and this, their debut album, falls within the country music genre, but it goes beyond that, harnessing some of the punked up energy that was apparent in American bands like The Gun Club. In ‘Gold Fury’, Howlin Lord’ have produced a classic album, with some of the best and inventive music and lyrics for a while.

Opening with ‘Once Proud Town’ a country blues rocker, this just doesn’t let up: – “White heat on freezin’ streets, this time o’ year don’t stop to eat/ Money talks and mine just walks, ten paces in my own tired feet.”
This is an anthem for the dispossessed. When Mark Legassick sings“I’ve been down so low I met myself on the killin’ floor” you can almost feel the pain. As an opener to an album, this is just brilliant, and even features a great whistling solo, the sort of thing you’d never hear from any of the shoegazing indie bands!

‘You Again’, has the Johnny Cash boom-chicka-boom beat and is a vitriolic outpouring against a heartless ex: – “Don’t you recall that you hurt me so, I never had much, but you still took it all,I laid down while you tortured my soul.” The lyrics work so well here because of the context in which they are set, and the country music genre is perfectly fitting for this.

‘Wade Right In’ is a slow country rocker, that on first hearing reminded me a bit of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash’s ‘Girl From The North Country’. This appears to be a song about letting go, and is a perfect slow burner, that would make an excellent single.

Whilst there isn’t a duff track on the album, the immediate highlights for me apart from the above were: – ‘From My Seat At The Bar’(an aching love song with some pointed lyrics): – “Throw darts at the board for you, they all hit the wall for you,Fall down at the floor for you. Can’t say I’m not tryin’.” Featuring Beth Rowley assisting on vocals, this is an updated style of some of the classic country duets and you can’t do anything but fall in love with this song.

‘Egyptian Cotton’ which the publicity blurb states is “a home recorded solo effort” is a charmingly lo-fi acoustic number that is well worth several plays. ‘Funny Way Of Winning’ is a song all about taking the knocks in life and trying to come up smiling: – “Fight like you’re not taking a kicking, row like your boat isn’t sinking.”

Only once every couple of years does a debut come out which paradoxically is both stunning in its simplicity and in its complexity. This is one of the ‘must have’ purchases this year.

Review by Nick Browne


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Gold Fury Review by Bluesbunny

Howlin’ Lord
Gold Fury
Little Paradise Records
Released: 2011

Back to first impressions being important. Taking a look at the back sleeve of this CD made me smile. Howlin’ Lord – Mark Legassick, Mark Furnevall and Thomas Elgie – look so splendidly disreputable that they could never be mistaken for rhinestone cowboys.

True, country music is what they do. Not modern day Nashville middle of the road rock and or even faux Americana however as Howlin’ Lord take their musical cues from all sorts of places. “Once Proud Town”, for example, flies the flag of the First National Band while “Wade Right In” salutes both Robbie Robertson and Bob Dylan and “You Again” could easily be a Joe Ely song.

The difference here – the band’s unique selling point, if you like – is the obvious affection they hold for the blue collar style of the stalwarts of the old days when country was country and, in consequence, no small amount of humour escapes the confines of the lyrics such as when drink fuelled decadence mixes with cigarette smoke and the drawling barfly charm of Beth Rowley in “From My Seat At The Bar”.

It’s hard to dislike an album like this. Just playing it is more than enough to bring on a smile and, as you stagger home from the pub, you’ll probably be singing a song or three from it. More beer and less line dancing – that’s the way to the Grand Ole Opry (the one in Glasgow, of course…)

Review by:   Bluesbunny (www.bluesbunny.com)



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GOLD FURY debut album by Howlin’ Lord

Now available! Pre-order here.

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